Who are the teachers?

Our teachers usually are students of the university of teacher education (PH) and thus trainee teachers and sometimes also graduates who decide to continue working for AHA-Nachhilfe after their PH graduation. Furthermore, university and ETH students work at AHA. It is also possible for students in their Matura year to work for us - provided they meet our educational and personal expectations.

The prerequisites for working at AHA-Nachhilfe are proper professional skills, a pleasant personality as well as an easy and empathetic way of working with the students. Being kind, independent and a team player are further key requirements.

Next to their personal skills, our teachers also have the required professional skills. This means that our teachers cover all topics in the main subjects (maths, geometry, German, French, and English) up to the 3d grade of secondary school. An asset is special knowledge in Latin, chemistry, physics or economy and law.

For tutoring at Gymi and vocational school level, we are happy to rely on the specialists for each subject in our tutoring team.