Gymi Preparation: Intensive Weeks (Sports Vacations)

During the sports vacations, the popular intensive courses take place again as the final spurt of the AHA gymi preparation. Find out more under the following link: Intensive Weeks

Learning made easy

Gymi preparation

Since 2007, AHA-Nachhilfe offers preparation courses for the entrance exam at the Langzeit- and Kurzzeitgymi as well as at the FMS and BMS.


No matter whether you attend high school (Gymnasium) shortly before your Matura exams, a secondary school in the middle of choosing your professional career or a primary school while learning the basics: AHA-Nachhilfe will help you!

Who we are

At over eight locations around Lake Zurich, we offer your child professional help at all school levels to ensure they are ready. In cooperation with parents, teachers, different school levels and authorities we constantly aim to enhance our quality.

AHA Gymi preparation

Die neuen Kursprogramme für die AHA-Gymivorbereitung 2022/23 sind aufgeschaltet!

Eine Anmeldung für alle Kurse ist bereits jetzt möglich. Bei Fragen dazu hilft Ihnen unser Sekretariat gerne weiter. Zudem haben wir die häufigsten Fragen unter folgendem Link zusammengefasst: FAQ.

Mathematik-Warm Up als Vorbereitung auf's Kurzzeitgymi

Schülerinnen und Schüler, welche nach den Sommerferien ins Kurzzeitgymnasium starten, können ihren Mathematik-Rucksack im AHA-Mathe-Warm Up mit dem nötigen Wissen füllen.

Neben einer Auffrischung in Algebra werden dabei auch die Themen Mengenlehre und Funktionen geübt.

Learning made easy

We support your child according to his/her individual and educational needs in order to be prepared for any school requirements. We focus on the current teaching at schools (curriculum and exams). In doing so, a considerable learning success can be achieved in a short amount of time. This will further motivate the students to perform even better.

AHA-Nachilfe is aimed at primary, secondary and high schools (Gymnasium). We are also happy to help apprentices cope with the requirements of vocational school. Upon request, we are able to provide tutoring for all other school levels as well.